Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Ok, so I am pretty to new to this, but I think after a few times I will get the hang of it. Honestly, I went to the National Youth Worker's Convention in San Diego and noticed all the awesome blogs so I decided to try one for myself.

The purpose behind the blog is really to provide a resource and encouragement to youth pastors and workers. My goal is to keep everyone apprised of what our youth group at Grace Fellowship in Omaha, Nebraska is up to. And possibly give youth workers some great new ideas. Another goal is for youth ministry interns to have a place to go and learn and ask questions.

I am currently an intern for the Crave (the student ministry at Grace Fellowship). I have been a part of the ministry for the past year and am excited about the opportunities God has given me for this next year. I work primarily with Junior Highers and absolutely LOVE IT!

Anyway, in the coming days I hope you can utilize this resource as I try to keep up with it. If you have questions or comments let me know or email me: aneal@mail.unomaha.edu

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Real Live Preacher said...

Welcome to blogging.

Hey, I've always wanted to try a White Castle. Being from Texas, I've never even seen one of the restaurants. How was it?